Mascara LP See You In L.A. 1979 UK Ensign Records

6 Jul

Mascara – See You In L.A. is a Cosmic Disco / Modern Soul production by german first class disco export producer Jürgen S. Korduletsch and UK DJ Chris Hill founder of Ensign Records  featuring vocals by Luther Vandross. This band was a studio only project and never made it to build up a fanbase. The main reason seem to be that there were no radio plays and live gigs which finally caused a total flop! All these facts seem insubstantial while listening to the LP. A great record made for listening to it from beginning to the end. Sometime with a italo or cosmic vibe and some other time with an american moden soul flair. Solid rarity status!

Chris Hill said this about the album:I produced it,along with Jurgen Korduletsch (one time husdand of Claudia
Barry).We originally recorded in Munich with session players like Kieth Forsey
and then we took the tracks to New York to cut the vocals>I asked the studio
“fixer” to find me the best session singers available and he came up with
Ulla,David Lasley, and to my total suprise, Luther whoes voice was familiar to
just about everybody!However the next thing that happened really blew me
Luther asked if I could put down guide vocals for him as I knew all the
tracks.That I did and to this day ,on the multi track, the vocals consist of
Luther and myself,singing together!!!!!!


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