Soiree 1979 LP Roadshow Records

6 Jul

Easily overlooked at the time- a rare gem of early developing superstar and
almost superstar artists: Luther Vandross, Ron Richardson, Kleeer’s Norman
Durham and Woody Cunningham, Sharon Redd, Jocelyn Brown, Melvin Sparks and those
gorgeous Arthur Clark strings-all dynamically rearranging a host of R&B and
POP standards in a Disco/Dance style. Not as corny or limiting as you might
suspect- as there is enough genuine genius going on here to rescue what could be
seen as a lame disco cash-in and instead turning it into a
proto-remixed/reimagined project filled with top musicians~!
It all comes
across very nicely in that style popularized on the Bionic Boogie albums by
mixer Godfrey Diamond and vocal arrangements by Luther Vandross. Don’t believe
what the credits say, that Luther only sings on one track. He is very much ALL
OVER this record- giving the same sort of quality soulful kick he gave to
Mascara, New York City Band or Change~!.


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