David Bowie-Young Americans 1975 LP RCA Records.

1 Aug

10471390_10204684220686958_5970087484187697830_n10496152_10204684213486778_3066925801622613194_o10543634_10204684210046692_924913896629003478_n10568926_10204684221006966_5760283137767925996_n10606310_10204684208606656_4546055167023302675_n10614191_10204684209766685_2032382829854813009_n10615989_10204684218726909_7759559939971519694_n10410514_10204684210326699_5355701981326803196_n 10614348_10204684214766810_5634799797568025972_n Luther, David, Anthony and Warren LUTHERV-Bowie1Luther got his biggest break here with background vocals and vocal arrangements.  David Bowie also included one of Luther’s newly penned songs Funky Music (Is A Part Of Me) and reworked it titled “Fascination.”

Young Americans 5:10
Win 4:44
Fascination 5:43
Right 4:13
Somebody Up There Likes Me 6:30
Across The Universe 4:30
Can You Hear Me 5:04
Fame 4:12



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