Jess Roden-Stonechaser 1980 LP

29 Aug

01 – Prime Time Lover (Danny Ironstone & Mary

02 – Deeper In Love (Mark James)
03 – Brand
New Start
(Jess Roden)
04 – Believe In Me (Danny

05 – Bird Of Harlem (John Cartwright)
06 –
If Ever You Should Change Your Mind
(John Cartwright)
07 –
Loving You
(Andy Fraser)
08 – One World, One People
(Jess Roden & John Cartwright)

Arrangers :
Leon Pendarvis & Rob Mounsey
Recorded at Power Station, Regent
Sound & Counterpoint Studios, New York City

: Bill Scheniman, Vince McGarry, Gary Chester, Bob Clearmountain & Andrew Surfer
Assistant Engineers : James
Farber, Peter Robbins, Karl Westman, Rob Dixon, Ray Willard, Alan Meyerson &
Gary Rindfuss

Side One Mixed at Power Station 1979 (Tracks 01 to

Engineer : Bill Scheniman
Produced by Leon

Side Two Mixed at regent Sound 1978 (Tracks 05 to

Engineer : Vince McGarry
Produced by Joel

Musicians :

Keyboards : Rob Mounsey,
Leon Pendarvis, Pat Rebillot & George T. Clinton

Guitars :
Jeff Mironov, Jeff Layton, Cliff Morris, David Landau & John

Drums : Chris Parker, Richard Crooks & Peter

Basses : Neil Jason, Anthony Jackson, John Cartwright
& Rick Chudacoff

Percussion : Erroll Bennett, Jess Roden,
Arno Lucas & Leon Pendarvis

Vocals : Jess Roden, Jaki
Whitren, Janice Pendarvis, Luther Vandross, Joshie Armstead, Chandra Armstead,
Leon Pendarvis, Zachary Sanders & Barbara Massey

Bass Clarinet
: Lee Goodall
Alto Saxophone : Pat Ryan
Strings on
“Loving You” Arranged by
William S. Fischer
Horns on “If Ever
You Should Change” Arranged by
Pee Wee Ellis
String Players
Violins : Lamar Alsop, Regis Iandiorrio, Harold Kohon, John
Pintavalle, Lou Eley, Kathy Kienke & Stanley Pollock

Violas :
Al Brown, Lenor Weinstock, Sue Pray & Manny Vardi
Celli :
Kermit Moore, Jesse Levy & Charles McCracken
Reeds : Dave Tofani, Harold Vick, Alex Foster, Ray
Beckenstein, Billy Slapin, Romeo Penque & John Campo

Brass :
Howard Johnson, Lew Soloff, Dave Taylor, Alan Ralph, Virgil Jones, Barry
Rogers & Wayne Andre


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