The music of Luther Vandross

28 Feb

Luther first hit it big in late October and November till early December 1981 on TOP 40 radio with Never Too Much.  I was nine years old then and listened to Casey Kasem’s TOP 40 on Sundays.  I must have heard this song at that time but honestly don’t remember Luther making a huge impact on me until 1989/early 1990 when I heard Here And Now.  I remember the first time I heard it on the radio and thinking: WOW what a voice, who is this?  I remember the radio announcer saying Luther Vandross as the singer of the song.  That moment changed the way I listened to a song and appreciated what a vocalist could do to make that song very real and personal like it was a page taken from your life.  I was hooked on Luther from that point on and said to myself I have got to have everything this guy has ever sung.  That is where the journey began for me researching and collecting Luther’s music.  I remember the first album I bought was The Best Of Love from 1989.  Not only did it have Here And Now on it but had all his greatest hits.  I knew this was the place to start and I enjoyed every song.  I remember hearing Searching and The Glow Of Love and loving those right from the start.  I believe the next cassettes I bought were Never Too Much, Busy Body, Forever, For Always, For Love, The Night I Fell In Love, Give Me The Reason, and Any Love which completed the collection up to that point.  I was soaking up all the songs on each album and really appreciating everything Luther had put into his music.  I knew at that point I couldn’t wait for the next Vandross release which would come soon enough with Power Of Love/Love Power in early 1991.


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