16 Sep

R-776780-1339936835-2091 50d 50c 201Luther2 201Luther1 Luther-Vandross-002-525x7001 R-2249031-1273233007 R-2249031-1273233016 R-1578160-1232322110 R-1100872-1280230062Luther’s first release was for the Cotillion Records label back in June 1976.  This album is great although it didn’t sell very well and Luther’s layout gives you a taste of what was to come in 1981.  The 2nd Time Around, I’ll Get Along Fine (Duet with Diane Sumler), and This Strange Feeling (Duet with Anthony Hinton) are the introspective songs on the album.  Funky Music (Is A Part Of Me), It’s Good For The Soul (Pts. I&2), and Emotion Eyes are the uptempo/dance songs of the album.  Last but not least is Everybody Rejoice the song he wrote back in 1972 and included in the 1975 musical The Wiz.  Everybody Rejoice is one of Luther’s greatest songs in my opinion for the message is about hope and change.  This song demonstrates Luther’s genius as a singer and songwriter.  This album deserves to be digitally remastered and commercially re-released.  The 2nd Time Around deals with rejected love and the wisdom for the next love will be better than the previous love.  The lyrics in this song that really brings it home are: I wish there could be
The kind of love
Where there would be no wrong
So that heartache and pain
And the misery of a bad love
Would all be gone

To get over the first love
Is kinda hard, baby
But, don’t let it get you down
Don’t you know that…

Love will be better, better than ever
The second time around

The Song I’ll Get Along Fine also deals with a love breakup and these lyrics in the song say it best:

How am I gonna get along, after loving you for so long, how am I gonna find good times when you’re gone, how will I fill this emptiness that sho nuff will leave me hungry for your love.


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