17 Sep

LUTHER 1976 Cotillion Records R-1588607-1280554923 R-1578160-1232322110 R-1578160-1232322128


This was a Christmas release featuring Cotillion Records artists.  Luther contributed two songs which are classics At Christmas Time and May Christmas Bring You Happiness.  At Christmas Time is timeless and I love the lyrics here : I wish that everyday of the year could have the love that we feel on Christmas Day….Merry Christmas to the world
I wish happiness and love for every boy and every girl
‘Cause the holiday
Makes me feel this way

What a joy it is to find
Happy people joined together for the love of Christmas time
Ooh, and they feel that way
Every Christmas day

Every year at Christmas time I hear the people laughing, smilling, being happy again oooh at Christmas time… this is another great line in the song.


May Christmas Bring You Happiness is an uptempo song another classic.




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