Luther Vandross in Bionic Boogie 1978-1979

17 Sep

!B3nfVZQ!Wk~$(KGrHqEOKisEyWo3B5Z)BMm4+6hl6g~~_3 234592142_o R-576852-1203213175 R-576852-1203213202 R-576852-1170499393 R-576852-1170499416 R-1901036-1269674915 R-1901036-1284744693 R-2329201-1277300000 R-1544116-1237908835 R-1544116-1237908871 R-491021-1220802184 R-491021-1220802198 R-724395-1152134693 R-1305372-1208212184 R-1305372-1228169176 R-1305372-1228169194 Crazy Lady Luck 1979

Luther was one of the main vocalists for this Disco studio group.  Hot Butterfly was Luther’s first featured studio group recording in 1978.  A Timeless classic and later recorded by David Lasley (Gregg Diamond asked him to take a swing at it after Luther recorded it since David was on the Hot Butterfly album as well providing background vocals and lead vocals on a song titled Paradise), The Sweet Inspirations (1979 Hot Butterfly LP a great album), and Chaka Khan.  In 1979 Bionic Boogie’s last album TIGER TIGER has 2 songs co-written by Luther and Gregg Diamond with Luther singing lead vocals.  Lay It On The Line and Crazy Lady Luck are worth listening too.  I love Crazy Lady Luck it has fun and bouncy lyrics and I love the line: That’s her mother I’d like to have another please…I have a feeling that was a Gregg Diamond line.


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