LUTHER: THIS CLOSE TO YOU Cotillion Records March 1977 SD 9916

17 Sep

Luther 1977 This Close To You 8 track sealed




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Luther singing live July 1977 Montreaux Jazz Festival

Luther singing live July 1977 Montreaux Jazz Festival

luther 1977 201Luther1 201Luther2 LUTHER 1977 Montreaux Jazz Festival Luther July 1977 Montreaux Jazz Festival Luther pic 2 Montreaux Jazz Festival 1977

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Luther’s second release on Cotillion Records titled This Close To You was released in March of 1977.  This album was great and it too deserves to be digitally remastered and commercially re-released.  This album is more soulfull in my opinion than their first release.  The theme of this release are dealing with love and breakups.  The first song This Is For Real is a song that was later recorded by Aretha Franklin in 1982 and produced by Luther himself.  This Is For Real deals with the emotions of expressing love.  A Lover’s Change deals with the joys and pains of love and concealing those feelings.  Don’t Take The Time is about love that ended and dealing with the emotions of the love lost.  Jealousy Is In Me is about the feelings of craziness concerning jealousy.  I’m Not Satisfied deals with love that isn’t reciprocated.  This Close To You is about falling in love realizing before that love was oblivious.  Don’t Wanna Be A Fool is an uptempo song about cheating love.  Come Back To Love deals with reconcilliation.  Follow My Love deals with sadness in a love lost feeling that better days are ahead knowing that love is good.  My favorites are Don’t Take The Time, Jealousy Is In Me, Don’t Wanna Be A Fool and Follow My Love.  These songs stand the test of time and shows why Luther was master of the love songs.


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